Land measurement begins in Shivade-Ghorwad villages with consent of some

Opposition to direct purchase of lands for the proposed Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway continues  

Kirti Ranshoor

Sinnar : The administration has started measuring lands in the Shivade – Ghorwad villages under Police bandobast, on April 9, for the proposed Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, as some of the villagers who have been steadfastly opposing measurement since last one year, have apparently consented.

One of the consenting farmers Somnath Wagh said, “We are firm on our decision of not selling our fertile lands for the proposed highway. We have consented only for the measurement and not for the direct purchase.”

Technicians measuring lands in Shivade village on May 9. Government officer Vitthal Sonavane and police personnel are also seen.

Speaking about the natural resources, Somnath Wagh said, “We have over 60 wells situated in our farms earmarked for the 4.5 kilometer stretch of the proposed highway. We irrigate our crops through these wells. When we raised our concerns about whether it made any sense to sacrifice so many wells and so much fertile soil for just a 4.5 km stretch, the administration asked us to co-operate to allow them to measure the lands first to know about the ground reality. Therefore we have consented for the measurement. If we find any foul play, we will go to court.”

Unconsenting farmer, Uttam Harak said, “We do not want to sell our fertile lands. Many farmers from our village have consented because the administration issued a notice that people not consenting for land measurement will be paid less compensation. Therefore, they have given consent to save themselves from the financial losses.”

Another unconsenting farmer, Raosaheb Harak accused the administration of polarization and said that the opposition will continue with more intensity.


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