A well, a sugarcane farm and a mango tree…

Kirti Ranshoor

Igatpuri : When we regularly hear and read about the harsh realities that millions of water-starved villagers live with daily and need to be supplied water with tankers, here is this well which is full in April that might cease to exist due to the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway. Can one fault the farmer from Taloshi village who owns the fertile land in which this well exists, for not willing to sell it?

Large tracts of fertile soil at stake : On one hand India imports Sugar from Pakistan whenever necessary and on the other this sugarcane farm might be sacrificed for the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway. This is irrigated by the same well mentioned above. Is it any wonder that the farmer does not want to sell it. Taloshi village in Igatpuri tehsil. Photographs – Kirti Ranshoor
And there are a handful of other farmers who are not actively farming and are only too happy to get money in lieu of their land. For example, the owner of this gorgeous Mango tree is jumping with joy as he has been given around Rs 1.60 lakhs for it something he had never dreamt of. In fact everyone says that he is ‘Lai Khush’ (Very happy).

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